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"Our focus is always on quality."

Stefano Casini - Founder

With an European education and inspired by trends around the world, Stefano has designed, remodeled and decorated High-End homes ranging from 1,000 sqf to 10,000 sqf, always maintaining a personal care and dedication to each project!

Italian Trend offers a complete range of High-End full remodeling and interior design services for residential homes.

Creating the perfect balance between
functionality and aesthetics


We specialize in space planning and Implementation, paying special care on our client’s needs, tastes and budget to enable the best value for every dollar invested.

  • Property Research
  • Architectural & Construction Drawings
  • City Permit
  • Remodeling/ Full Construction
  • Selection of Material
  • Lightening Design
  • Custom Furniture
  • Certify Final Delivery

latest JOBS

Biscayne Beach / Downtown Miami, FL

Suite 1707

Key Biscayne / Miami, FL

Villa Susan

Epic Hotel and Residences, Miami Fl

Penthouse 5103/5107

Penthouse 5004

Apt. 4707

Apt. 4807

Apt. 4708

Apt. 5212

Apt. 4307

Apt. 4907

Apt. 4703

Apt. 3403

Apt. 4203

Apt. 4407

Apt. 520

Caribbean Condo, Miami Beach, Fl

Penthouse N

Apt 902 and relative Cabana

Apt 606

Penthouse 1602

St Regis Resort, Miami Beach, Fl

Apt 1105

Penthouse 1103

900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Fl

Penthouse 6001

Venetian Island, Miami, Fl

Villa Eva

Meridian Building, Miami, Fl

Penthouse 20

Continuum Condo, Miami Beach, Fl

Apt 3103

Apt 2903

The Setai Hotel and Residences, Miami Beach, Fl

Apt 2503

Marquis Hotel and Residence, Miami, Fl

Penthouse 5906

Palm Bay Condo, Miami, Fl

Apt 9S

Artecity Condo, Miami Beach, Fl

Apt 301

Santa Maria Bld

Penthouse 3904

Key Biscayne, Fl

Villa Scotti

Villa Alba

Caribbean, Antigua and Bermuda

Villa Gaia

Villa Allegra

Caribbean: St. Barth

Villa Mako Lodge

Santa Maria, Blvd. Miami, Fl

Penthouse 2905

San Marco Island/Venetian Island

Villa RDS

Villa Carol

Icon Bay Building

Apt. 4303

Apt. 5216


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789 Crandon Blvd Suite 405
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

+1 305 613 3614